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Projects Seeking Funding/Strategic Partners - Internationally!


Information Documents (Click): projects2finance-Information-Documents

PLEASE NOTE: The BEST WAY to navigate this website is to go to the Site Menu web page first. It lists links to the most relevant web pages of this website. Also use the Left-Hand Side Navigation Bar of each web page to go to other web pages of the site. Please, if this is YOUR FIRST TIME HERE, please read ALL the information on this web page FIRST, BEFORE you go to the Site Menu web page.

ALSO NOTE: Before Reading further or joining this website as a Member please read our Disclaimer page first. As owners of this website, we assume by default that you have Read the Disclaimer Page before visiting any other web page of this website or Joining as a Member. Visit the Disclaimer Page here: Disclaimer

Looking for Investors/Lenders/Strategic Partners OR maybe even trying to find out where you can source Products relevant to your Project/Service?

There is no website better positioned to help you achieve this than this site!

This website is a sister website to the Project Finance Models website. The service we provide on this website has come about due to the demand for it from Members and General Subscribers of the Project Finance Financial Models website.

The Project Finance Models website has over 10,700 Members and Subscribers who come from the following industries/Institutions: Financial Services, Power & Energy, Power Generation, Power Distribution, Oil & Gas Pipelines, Oil & Gas Exploration, Infrastructure Development (Toll Roads, Airport Construction, Dams etc), Engineering Consultants, Project Finance Advisory, Corporate Finance Advisory, Government Departments (Utilities, Energy Departments etc), Universities etc. (The 10,700 members and subscribers obviously exclude OTHER regular visitors to the website who are not members or subscribers).

These are the kind of professionals/industries to which a Client's Project/Service/Product will be exposed to when her/his Project/Service gets listed on this website. Members and Subscribers of the Project Finance Models website receive regular emails informing them of Projects/Services that have been listed on this website. Overtime this website is also going to develop and grow its own Subscribers and Members Mailing List, drawn from the professions/industries mentioned above.

The website is on the first pages of the major search engines for key phrases related to Project Finance and Project Finance Financial Modeling.

We aim to be the best website of this type by offering our customers (we call them Members) a very well targeted audience, compared to any website online.

There are three main categories of Members (Advertizers) on this website:

  1. Projects Seeking Funders (Investors/Lenders)
  2. Projects Looking for Strategic Partners (i.e. projects looking for companies with a certain technical skill (e.g. a Toll-Road Operator). The Strategic Partner can also be an Investor/Lender in the Project.)
  3. Companies/Institutions that Provide or Arrange Funding (e.g. Aircraft/Aviation Finance Funders/Arrangers etc).

As mentioned before, we will also accept Suppliers of Products/Equipment whose products/services are relevant to the Members of this website (e.g. Construction Equipment Suppliers).

This is how this service works:

The Member's Project/Service is basically listed on FOUR web pages of this website for as long as the Member maintains membership.

The Member's Project information is listed on the following web pages:

  1. Country Page - These pages list all Projects from one particular country by category. On each Country Page there is a link to a page that lists more detailed information about the Client Project. The page with more detailed information is called the Project/Funder/Product/Service Page. As an example, all projects from India are listed on one such page.
    [NOTE: We create these pages as we get Members from a particular country. If we have no Member coming from a particular country then there will be no page for that country UNTIL we receive the first Member to list. This is true for other type of web pages on this website]

  2. Project/Funder/Product/Service Page - On this web page we list more detailed information about the project/service/product that a Member is advertising. Information listed includes: Total Project Costs, Required Total Funding from Investors, Debt required, Strategic Partner, Funding Provided, Funds being Arranged, Funding Arranged etc. Also the Project Contact information is listed on this Page. If a Member has a Project/Service/Product website, a link to the Project/Service/Product website is also placed on this web page.

  3. Company Page - On this web page we list the client's (Member's) Company Contact Information so that potential Investors can contact the Member's company. If the Company has a website, we will also list the client's website address OR a link to a web page on the Member's website where interested parties can download more information documents on the Project/Service/Product.
  4. All Projects/Service/Products Page - On this web page we list a ONE line description for ALL Projects/Services/Products that are listed on this website. New Members' products are listed at the top of the web page (i.e. Older Listings will be moved down the web page till they fall out of the page, whilst Newer Listings will be added at the top of the Page). Each one line description will be linked to the Project/Service/Product page.

    (NOTE: When a Project/Service/Product falls out of this web page, it doesn't mean it gets taken out of the other web pages)

    We recommend that you DOWNLOAD the Information Documents (PDFs and Microsoft Word) with more information about this service so you can read them offline.

    You can reach this website via TWO website addresses:

    1. and

    We thank you for visiting our website.

    Go to Information Documents: INFORMATION DOCUMENTS
    Go to Site Menu: SITE MENU
    Purchase Membership: PURCHASE MEMBERSHIP

    Kind Regards,

    Projects-to-Finance Team
    1st Analyst Information Services

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